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Dear Friends -
Please take the time to read this important message, and then pass it on. October 24, 2009 marked the 4th Anniversary of The Learning Center in Negril, Jamaica, WI. Working with the local Chamber of Commerce and the Negril Educational Environmental Trust (NEET) our program is a job training, life skills, and reading program serving young students of Jamaica, WI.

Although we are living in the worst economic times since the great depression, our dear friends and neighbors in Jamaica are struggling just to feed their families. Both unemployment and the cost of daily living are skyrocketing. As the value of the Jamaican dollar continues to dramatically fall, descent families are falling apart. Half of all students, after just the 9th grade, now drop out of school. With a shattered tourist industry, hotel and resort employees are being sent home for weeks and months at a time. How can a single mother of two raise her children on $70.00 a week?

Many of us have not only visited Jamaica and have treasured fond memories, but we have also met some incredibly wonderful, and loving people. Their children, some now grown, are enrolled in our Learning Center classes. Eager to learn and find employment, they find themselves in a serious economic situation. Government and community programs fail to assist. Moreover, basic health care issues are often ignored.

Times are difficult. People get disparate. Finally, you do not need to travel to Zaire or Haiti to see hungry children. In small Jamaican towns, they are there.

The downward spiral of despair must be stopped now. Jamaicans are a strong and proud people. Despite all their hardships, our students have great hope. Ranging in age from 15 to 50, they are serious about their future, hard working, and are so very eager to learn.

In partners with the business community, we have graduated over 425 students, and have placed 83 students in resort, hotel, and guest service positions. Through our friends at NEET, dozens of students have also completed a computer course, and have received free computers. We have set up local businesses, and have trained students in their operation. Through a local private hospital, we now can provide basic medical care to some of our enrollees and their children. In addition, we often serve daily lunches. All of our teachers are volunteers, and classes are always free.

Through our efforts, we can continue to meet our students and their family’s basic needs, and lead them on the road to recovery. These are not simply words, but our personal commitment to serve our students.

This is where we ask you to open your hearts and wallets, and make a contribution. All donations are tax-deductible. In order to continue our programs, and meet our annual budget, we need to immediately raise $15,000 (US DOLLARS). We are also seeking corporate donations, so for many of you who work for companies, we ask you to inquire to see if your co-workers will match your donation. All it takes is a quick e-mail or a call to your friends, family, and facebook connections.

Our program is a recognized mainstay in Negril, and so many folks count on us for their training, and for their emotional survival. I have never asked for any financial assistance before. However, this time, I am asking for help for the very survival of our program. We hope to receive donations of at least $50.00 from two hundred folks.

THE NEED IS CRITICAL. Please help us to continue our work.

You may make an immediate contribution on our web site (www.nealsmagic.com). All major credit cards and PAYPAL are accepted. Please do it now.

Thank you very much in advance for your support!

Neal Goldberg